Fab 5 Boogz & 3D CREW


Acky from Japan - Reprsenting Fab 5 Boogz & 3D CREW

Acky: Already popular, and Popper’s premier talent.  JAPAN DANCE DELIGHT, B-BOY SUMMIT 2002,  

JAPAN DANCE DELIGHT first, B-BOY SUMMIT 2002, and has swept many awards. Skills such as incongruous with the words no longer young and the young and the skilled, perfect and powerful.  Without expecting any further in the future he can not. Number of titles in the U.S. won the solo competition, which he gathered the members of this young pioneer






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Established in 2012, Street Style Lab (SSL) is a week-long festival celebrating the global culture of urban art forms.

The mission of SSL is to preserve, document and teach the origins of street culture while building the future of the movement.


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