Mr. YouTube and Chrybaby Cozie met in 2005 at a basketball game in Harlem. As an announcer chanted “Get the light feet going, get the light,” a dance genre — arguably the first to come from our streets since break-dancing — was born. “It was a dance of the community,” one early adopter, SpaceMan King of Spank FantasticBoyz, says today. Whereas break-dancing is about getting down on the floor, litefeet is all jumps and fast floaty footwork performed to dance music and chants. (See the basics below.) Its most visible promoter has been Goofy, leader of the WaffleNYCcrew, who turned litefeet into “It’s Showtime!” on the subway. Joyful to some commuters, irritating to others, it now gets performers arrested. But the creators have moved on: Goofy has been dancing in ads in Europe, and Mr. YouTube runs NYCHA-funded classes, wearing shirts and hats from his four sponsors. This summer, Pharrell and P. Diddy flew Mr. YouTube, Kidd Patt, and SpaceMan to L.A. for a video. “In New York,” Kidd Patt says, “people ask what kind of dance I’m doing,” he says. “My goal is to have them be, like, Oh, that’s litefeet!”

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