Suga Pop as a member of THE ELECTRIC BOOGALOOS, and along with the Lockers, and member of THE ROCK STEADY CREW, were inducted into the ROCK N’ ROLL HALL OF FAME under the category of THE HISTORY OF HIP HOP, Recipient of OUTSTANDING LOCKING SKILLS sat the 1st HIP HOP DANCE AWARDS.



The group responsible for the creation of the dance known worldwide as POPPING.

In the early 70’s Boogaloo Sam created a set of movements, evolving each into their own style. He then taught these to the members of the group – THE ELECTRIC BOOGALOOS . Not content with their already legendary central and northern California status, they brought their dance to Los Angeles where they quickly became “the talk of the town” by gaining the highest spotlighted award – performing as a featured act on the nationality broadcast television show SOUL TRAIN. This started a worldwide POPPING CRAZE. Many television and live performances followed, and the list of credits not only shows their numerous achievements but also a relative views of who’s who in the entertainment business for the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s to the present in 1982 the group was called upon by MICHALE JACKSON who had witnessed this incredible new dance phenomenon on SOUL TRAIN, Their relationship with Mr. Jackson has spanned almost two decades working in various roles – From numerous music videos at multimedia movies, lives performances, choreography, and lessons.

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