Tony “YNOT” DeNaro.

He is most known for his rhythmic approach which has earned him respect from his peers and pioneers of the dance. Through his humble nature and love of the art form he focuses on traveling and teaching workshops in studios and schools across the U.S. and the world. Ynot has built up a reputation as an inspirational dancer of today and dedicates his time to sharing the knowledge he has gained on his path through his career.


“When i see YNOT, i see all the people and the love i have for this culture” – Maurizio The Next One

“Ynot is a BBoy combination of Fayard Nicholas and Fred Astaire rolled in one.” – Mr. Wiggles (Rock Steady Crew, Electric Boogaloos)

“GREATNESS in dance has to not only be seen, but felt as well. Not one move that YNOT did was hard, but to move the way he does is damn near impossible! You can’t fake style or practice it. You either have it or you don’t. That man in my opinion has to be the best top rocker that I’ve ever seen.” ……Crazy Legs


Class title = TOPS AND DROPS
Class description: A class dedicated to the original foundation and concepts for what we now refer to as ‘top rock’, ‘transitions’ to ground moves and ‘footwork’ collectively known as “Rockin’ / Breakin’”. This represents the body movement that we do when we are gettin down to Funk, Soul, Latin Soul, R&B, Rock, ect. This is a unique class that doesn’t just demonstrate the ideas?fundamentals of the dance but also discusses about the music and philosophies of the movement.

Ynot is one of a small number of Bboys today that carry inside them what many believe to be the “true essence” of the dance. The Philly representative started out as a jazz musician who discovered James Brown and Bboy culture soon after. He quickly got deep into dancing and became a student of Rock Steady members Crazy Legs and Mr. Wiggles. He then joined up with Rock Steady Crew and has also traveled all over the world representing HIP HOP culture!